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Health and Safety Policy

At BRANNON STEEL, we’re “Making Safety a Way of Life”. Our Health & Safety Policy describes our commitment to a healthy and safe workplace and is the foundation of our occupational health & safety management system.


Brannon Steel is committed to preventing occupational injury and illness and will do everything reasonable to provide a healthy and safe workplace. Brannon Steel will comply with legislative requirements and industry standards and will do our best to eliminate or reduce foreseeable hazards that could result in occupational injury and illness. Managers and supervisors will maintain safe conditions in their assigned work areas and will respond to health and safety concerns in a timely manner.

Employees will work in a safe manner according to legislative requirements and company standards and will report all incidents, accidents and unsafe situations to their supervisor immediately. Guests will be advised of Brannon Steel s expectations regarding health and safety and will act in a safe manner according to legislative requirements and company standards. All individuals are encouraged to share ideas for improving health and safety in the workplace. I trust you will join Brannon Steel in making safety a way of life. Have a question, get in touch!