BRANNON STEEL is pleased to announce the expansion of our Plasma-Bevel capacity with the commissioning of our new Messer MetalMaster Xcel Contour Bevel Machine.  Powered by Hypertherm HPR400XD High Definition Plasma on a 10’ wide by 54’ long downdraft table. This new machine complements our existing Plasma-Bevel capability and increases our plasma cutting capacity to 8 machines in total.

Valiant TMS has awarded Brannon Steel with the Top External Provider for the second year in a row. We value the partnership we have forged with Valco Manufacturing, a world class company providing fabrication, machining and finishing services to world leading manufacturers.  If you are a quality conscious OEM, fabricator or custom manufacturer, let Brannon Steel partner with you to provide value-added solutions to your business challenges.  We offer oxy, plasma and laser profile cutting of carbon steel, plus forming, machining, bevelling, rolling, flattening and kitting. Brannon Steel’s project management expertise positions us to be your next Top External Provider of choice.


Brannon Steel is pleased to announce the addition of our new large format Fiber Laser. The 8000 Watt Messer MetalMaster Xcel Fiber Laser on an 8’ X 30’ table delivers exacting cut quality on large workpieces. In addition to our 7000 Watt CO2 Laser on a 14’ wide X 50’ long table, this new state-of-the-art machine positions Brannon Steel to be your supplier of choice for large laser cutting.

Caterpillar Awards BRANNON STEEL for Suppiler Quality Excellence

BRANNON STEEL has been recognized and awarded the bronze level for Caterpillar’s Supplier Quality Excellence Process. Through demonstrated results, BRANNON STEEL has exhibited excellent process control, and shown the desire for ongoing continuous improvement and has provided Caterpillar and their customers quality burn to shape products.

“Our team is very proud of this acknowledgement for everyone’s hard work and dedication to meet Caterpillar’s world class quality requirements. “Burn to Shape” is one of our core competencies and our focus and dedication to this process will continue to provide the very best of customer service and quality for Caterpillar and their customers.” said Kirk Brannon (President of BRANNON STEEL).

BRANNON STEEL's NEW Cutting Edge Plasma-Bevel Machine

BRANNON STEEL launches a new state-of-the-art Pinnacle Industrial Automation Plasma-Bevel machine featuring the Hypertherm HPR400XD with 45° Contour Bevel Head.

Plasma Bevel CuttingThe addition of the new machine simultaneously expands BRANNON STEEL‘s plasma cutting capacity, improves operational efficiency by reducing the need for secondary manual bevelling processes and realizes the company’s ongoing pursuit of new methods and technologies. Combined with a team of highly-skilled employees, an ever-expanding menu of production equipment means BRANNON STEEL will continue to provide its partners with industry-leading quality and delivery as it has been doing for 45 years and places the Brampton, Ontario manufacturer in a solid position to take on new business.

BRANNON STEEL is registered to the ISO 9001:2008 quality standard and the ISO 14000:2004 environment standard.

High Definition Plasma Cutting

BRANNON STEEL is nearing completion of the installation of three Hypertherm HPR400XD high definition plasma cutting machines featuring True Hole™ technology.

This is the second phase of an aggressive project BRANNON STEEL undertook in early 2010 to dramatically improve the accuracy, flexibility, quality and speed of its plasma cutting systems. With significant investment and extensive research & development, BRANNON STEEL continues to be one of North America’s leading providers of carbon steel services.

Click here for a full list of BRANNON STEEL’s plasma cutting and scribing capabilities.

Visit Hypertherm for more information about True Hole™ technology.

BRANNON STEEL is registered to the ISO 9001:2008 quality standard and the ISO 14000:2004 environmental standard.